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Labotect Products

Introduction To Labotect Products

Labotect Products gives you...


  • Labotect has always valued longevity in its high-quality devices.

  • Maintenance and repair by experienced service personnel is a priority. For future developments, low energy consumption will become even more significant. Intensive care is taken on recyclability and environmental compatibility of used materials.

  • As manufacturer of medical devices, Labotect is certified according to ISO13485 for development, production, distribution and service of devices and instruments for assisted reproduction, gynecology, surgery and tissue culture.

  • Incubation technique is one of the key competence areas of Labotect. The benefit of the CO₂ incubators is perfect control of parameters by most modern technical solution. They combine high safety standards with convenient design. Very fast recovery times for all adjustable parameters are basic features in all Labotect CO₂ incubators.

  • In addition to incubation technique the wide product range of the company includes cooling and cryo preservation technique, devices and consumables for assisted reproduction, lab equipment and sterile products for gynecological and general surgery.

Labotect Products

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