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Sefi Medical Instruments

Introduction To Sefi Medical Instruments

 We specialize in the development and manufacturing of products used in the fertility field...


  • We are dedicated to providing unique, efficient and accurate instruments to simplify sperm analysis and to improve the success rate of the intrauterine insemination procedure. 

  • We continue to provide high quality products that have proved their value over the years within the reproductive medical community.

Sefi Medical Product

Makler® Counting Chamber:
  • An easy to use device for rapid sperm analysis which throughout the years has acquired a worldwide reputation due to its superior accuracy.

  • Two versions : Standard - for regular microscope and for CASA Inverted - for inverted microscope.

Unique Features and Advantages:
Easy to use:
Fast results:
Sperm count performed from undiluted specimen.
The number of spermatozoa counted in any strip of 10 squares of the grid indicates their concentration in millions/mL. No additional factors are necessary for calculation.
Optimal depth:
The depth of 10 microns eliminates blurring and allows sperm to move freely. The applied sample is observed in one focal plane.
Built-in grid:
The grid is on the cover glass. This eliminates the need to insert a grid into the microscope eye piece and remove it when not required.
Reusable. Easily cleaned with a non-bleach disinfectant solution.
Self-controlled accuracy:
Observation of color fringes at the four contact points, provides a self-controlled test for accuracy. The cover glass can never be raised by the applied sample.
Calibration unnecessary:
Repeated use with complete accuracy without calibration.
Superior technology:
Manufactured by state-of-the-art precision engineering. Checked individually by laser beam for precision and accuracy.
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