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Embryo Transfer Catheter Set

Quality - Made in Germany
Special Design:
  •  The Luer connection at the proximal end of the guiding cannula permits trouble-free insertion of the inner catheter.

  • The penetration depth and the direction can be set at the guiding cannula using a slide ring.

Proven Design:
  • Atraumatic owing to the curved guiding cannula with a ball end, allowing the set to be used reliably even with difficult anatomic conditions.

  • Metal reinforced inner catheter shaft allows simple, safe handling.

  • Three different lengths permit optimal adaption to different anatomies.

  • Disposable product, double sterile packed.

Enhanced Safety and Reliability:
  • Each batch MEA (Mouse Embryo Assay) and LAL (Endotoxin Assay) tested

  • Biocompatibility conforming to ISO 10993

  • Validated gamma-sterilisation

  • Production under controlled conditions

Regulatory Standards:
  • Manufacturer certified as per ISO 13485

  • Class Is according to Directive 93/42 EEC

  • 510(K) approval from FDA

  • To be used by trained personnel only

Regulatory Standards:
  • Packaging: normal

Embryo transfer catheter set, length: 150 mm REF: 13365
> Embryo transfer catheter set, length: 190 mm REF: 13366
> Embryo transfer catheter set, length: 230 mm REF: 13369

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