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Biogaurd Products

Bioguard provide market leading cleaning and hygiene products that enable you to...

  • clean and disinfect surfaces in high risk environments such as IVF clinics

  • clean, disinfect and protect hands of employees, patients and customers

  • clean and disinfect equipment in laboratories 

Bioguard products are used in over 10,000 healthcare sites throughout the UK including the NHS. We also distribute our products to Europe, Africa and are now expanding into the Middle East and Asia. The company is ISO 9001:2008 & GMP registered. Uniquely, ALL our products are researched, developed, formulated and manufactured in the UK and meet the latest ISO registration standards, British Standard (BS) and European testing standards as well as being fully compliant for Biocidal Product regulations.

Introduction To BioGaurd

bio guard

The unique BIOCHEM compound provides users with the following key benefits:

TRUSTED – Used by healthcare professionals across UK and Europe in high risk hospital environments

PROVEN – Independently tested to the highest European and British standards against high risk organisms encountered in an IVF lab                                       environment

SAFE – Product is non hazardous and non toxic and has been MEA tested to ensure it safe to use in IVF labs and will not harm users

POWERFUL – Microbiological efficacy means effective against a wide variety of organisms, Clostridium Difficile (spores & bacteria), Hepatitis,                              Tuberculosis, Norwalk virus, HIV, MRSA, Avian Flu

ALCOHOL FREE – No smell and no VOC releases

FAST – Effective in under 30 seconds

FRIENDLY – Eco-friendly and non-damaging to the environment

MULTI-SURFACE – Usable on virtually all surfaces, including touch screen panels

EFFICIENT – Combined cleaning and disinfection capability eliminate the need for multiple products

EASY – Using one product eliminates the risk of operatives using the wrong product, also the mixing of products causing chemical reactions                     and/or deactivating products

LONG LASTING – Long Shelf life of 3 years


How Our Products Work


Penetration & removal of soiling on contact surface



Penetration of micro-organisms protective shell



Disinfection of micro organism

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