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Disinfectant Cleaning Solutions

A scientifically proven, independently tested to British and European standards, medical grade cleaning solution that cleans and disinfects. Suitable for all surfaces in IVF clinics including:
  • Laminar flow hoods

  • CO2 Incubators

  • Refrigerators

  • Touch screen panel

  • Ultrasound probes

  • Equipment

  • Hospital furnishings

  • Glass, plastic, metal and most fabric

Products within this range include a ready to use liquid and spray and a
concentrated formula and all have the following benefits:
  • MEA Tested

  • Tested to the highest British & European standards (EN1276, EN1500, AFNOR, EN14476, EN12504, EN13727)

  • Protect against 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and spores tested

  • Alcohol free, PH neutral and dermatologically tested, so gentle on skin

  • Effective in under 30 seconds and long lasting residual efficacy

  • Non-hazardous – Conform to the latest health and safety legislation

  • Suitable for use on virtually all surfaces without damaging or degrading them

  • Highly economical concentrate formula. Remains effective at high dilution
    rates, reducing the amount of applied product solution used

  • Dual Action – Combined cleaning and disinfecting action eliminates the need
    for separate products and procedures

  • Environmentally friendly – Proven by independent audits to be
    non-toxic, biodegradable and non-accumulative in the eco-system
    No special procedures are required for product disposal or in case of spillage

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