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Hand & Surface Wipes

A scientifically proven, medical grade alcohol-free hand and surface wipe
system which cleans and protects and is independently tested...
Trusted by healthcare professionals to be effective yet gentle on the skin.
Suitable for hands as well as all surfaces in IVF clinics including:
  • Laminar flow hoods

  • CO2 Incubators

  • Refrigerators

  • Touch screen panels

  • Ultrasound probes

  • Equipment

  • Hospital furnishings

  • Glass, plastic, metal and most fabric

Products within this range include:
  • Alcohol Free Hand and Surface Wipes – 0% alcohol and dermatologically tested
    so kind to skin

  • Alcohol Free Heavy Duty Hand and Surface Wipes – Stronger cloth for bigger jobs

  • MEA Tested

  • Tested to the highest British & European standards (EN1276, EN1500, AFNOR,
    EN14476, EN12504, EN13727)

  • Protect against 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and spores tested

  • Alcohol free, PH neutral and dermatologically tested so gentle on skin

  • Non-hazardous – Conform to the latest health and safety legislation

  • Effective in under 30 seconds and long lasting residual efficacy

  • Fragrance free

  • Suitable for use on virtually all surfaces without damaging or degrading them

  • Unique foam seal in lid to prevent wipes drying out

  • Highly cost effective – Heavy duty cloth makes for a more durable wipe
    Use up to 30% fewer than you would with some rival products

  • Environmentally friendly – Proven by independent audits to be non-toxic,
    biodegradable and non-accumulative in the eco-system. No special procedures are required for product disposal

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