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VitriFreeze™ - VitriThaw™

  • Medium for vitrifying human embryos
  • VitriFreeze™ and VitriThaw™ media or sets of cell culture media designed for the vitrification of morula and blastocyst stage human embryos. 
  • We also have a set of vitrification media for 2PN to 8-cell stage embryos: VitriFreeze ES™ and VitriThaw ES™.
  • Our vitrification media have been designed for use with the aseptic VHS® vitrification device (Cryo Bio Systems) and for use with the new aseptic VitriSafe device from Astromed-Tec.
  • VitriFreeze™ and VitriThaw™ media have a 12 month shelf life.
  • VitriFreeze™ and VitriThaw™ media are CE marked according to the European Medical Device Directive.
Product order codes:
VitriFreeze kit - 4 procedures
VitriThaw kit - 4 procedures
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