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  • Medium for freezing human sperm cells
  • SpermFreeze™ is a single step freezing medium for use with human sperm cells. The medium is clear (does not contain any milk, egg yolk, ...) and can be used direct from the bottle.
  • SpermFreeze™ requires 0.7ml of medium for each 1ml of semen. We also offer a more concentrated SpermFreeze™ which allows 3ml of semen to be frozen with 1ml of SpermFreeze SSP™
  • Due to the very stable formula, SpermFreeze™ has a shelf life of 18 months from date of produce.
  • SpermFreeze™ is CE marked according to the European Medical Device Directive.
Product order codes:
SpermFreeze - 5x 20ml
SpermFreeze - 25 x 5ml
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