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Micromanupulator  system ON4

Improve operability of manipulator:
  • Quicker operation time can be expected by double faster speed in motor drive Z axis moving.

  • More stable response is achieved even in lighter torque in joystick.

  • Stability of joystick during nonoperation period is improved.

Flexible and easy pipette angle adjustment
  • The pipette holding angle can be chosen from 3 positions (in the range of 15-40 degrees)
    by adoption of dedicated adapter. It is easy to bring the pipette tip in the optical axis.

Reduce the risk of trouble during operation
  • Emergency position adjustment mechanism is available in motor drive unit. The operation can
    be continued by manual adjustment of pipette position even in case of motor drive unit stuck.

  • Less risk of trouble in the system can be expected by adopting pneumatic microinjectors
    which is free from usage of mineral oil.

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