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  • Medium for freezing human embryos
  • EmbryoFreeze™ and EmbryoThaw™ media are PBS/propanediol based cell culture media for freezing and thawing human embryos. These media can be used with 2PN up to 4-cell stage human embryos.
  • The product is stable for 18 months from date of produce.
  • EmbryoFreeze/Thaw are CE marked as Class 3 medical devices according to EU directive 93/42/EEC.
3 types of kits are available:
  • a one step freezing / 3 step thawing complete kit
  • 3 step freezing only kit
  • a three step thawing only kit
Product order codes:
EmbryoFreeze/Thaw with propanediol - 30 proc.
EmbryoThaw with propanediol - 40 proc.
EmbryoFreeze 3 step freezing - 40 proc.
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