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FertiCult™ Aspiration Medium
Cell culture medium for oocyte pick-up
FertiCult™ Aspiration medium is a ready to use formulation for oocyte pick-up. FertiCult™ Aspiration medium contains HEPES to stabilize the pH under air, no CO2 incubation is required.

All the products in the FertiCult™ product range undergo strict quality control to comply with the following specifications:
pH 7.3-7.6/td>
Osmolality 270-290mOsm/kg
Sterility Sterile
Endotoxin < 0.25EU/mL
Mouse embryo test ≥ 80% blastocysts after 96h incubation
Shelf life 18 months from date of produce

Product order codes
ASPI020 5x 20ml FertiCult Aspiration medium
ASPI100 5x 100ml FertiCult Aspiration medium
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